2018 Disney Conservation Fund Awarded to the Wildlife Act Conserving Vultures through Community Ambassadors Project


Since 1995, the Disney Conservation Fund has inspired millions of people to take action to protect the planet and directed more than $75 million to save wildlife in more than half the countries in the world through efforts that engage communities in conservation.

We are excited to announce that Sindisa Fund and Wildlife Act Fund is a recent Disney Conservation Fund grant recipient, selected for our work to save wildlife, protect habitats and inspire community conservation action in South Africa.

The Disney Conservation Fund provides support for our work with The Wildlife ACT Fund https://wildlifeact.com/. The Wildlife ACT Fund Vulture and Community Conservation Programs in South Africa aim to develop an understanding of the importance of biodiversity and conservation among individuals living in communities bordering protected areas. Through education, Wildlife ACT will mentor conservation leaders and instil a sense of stewardship in local communities. The Conserving Vultures Program will strengthen 10 conservation clubs in KwaNgweny and Kwajobe communities adjacent to the uMkhuze Game Reserve, establish young adult conservation clubs in communities around Somkhanda Community Game Researve, work with Wilderness Leadership School to train conservation leaders, and establish 15 Conservation Clubs for grade 6 pupils in KwaGumbi, KwaNgwenya, Kwajobe. Engagement through story telling, art, agriculture, research and conservation activities will strengthen communities and develop conservation-oriented ambassadors to lead conservation efforts in the region. 

Disney Conservation Fund and Sindisa Fund and Wildlife Act Fund are working together to protect the magic of nature for future generations to enjoy.

Together with the Disney Conservation Fund, we are committed to saving wildlife, including critically endangered Vulture species like the white-backed vulture (Gyps africanus), white headed vulture (Trigonoceps occipitalis) and lappet faced vulture (Torgos tracheliotos).

Learn more about the Disney Conservation Fund and how it is helping to save wildlife, inspire action and protect the planet by visiting Disney.com/conservation.

Zama Ncube recongnized as 2017 Disney Conservation Hero

Thokozani Mlambo recongnized as 2015 Disney Conservation Hero

The Sindisa Fund nominated Thokozani Mlambo for the prestigious Disney Conservation Hero Award. He is an extraordinarily motivated endangered species conservationist. As a Community Conservation Liason with Wildlife ACT Fund Trust, he works tirelessly, rarely taking days off, to spread the conservation word through his sprawling community of KwaJobe, which sits on the border of Mkhuze Game Reserve.


Mkhuze Game Reserve has some of the worst poaching problems in the province of KwaZulu-Natal, in South Africa. Rhinos have been poached for their horns, while painted dogs and cheetah have been caught in snares, to the point where moving the re-introduced dog pack back off the reserve has been considered by the park management.


Thulani Thusi recognized as 

2014 Disney Conservation Hero

The Sindisa Fund supported the nomination of Community Conservationist Thulani Thusi for a Disney Conservation Hero award, and he won! Only 14 people in the whole world won the award this year. Since 2006, Thulani has been working tirelessly in his KwaTembe community to teach people who live along the borders of Tembe Elephant Park and Ndumo Game Reserve about the importance of endangered species conservation. Tembe has populations of rhinos, painted dogs, elephants and lions. Thulani was instrumental in winning the support of local communities to introduce the highly endangered painted dog to Tembe. Pictured in the lower photo is Sindisa Fund director Bruce Lombardo awarding Thulani at the beginning of the first ever children's bush camp program near Tembe Elephant Park in 2015. Thulani and Bruce had been working toward creating this new community conservation education program for local children for many years. The program is now operating and is funded by the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund and the Wildlife ACT Fund Trust.

We are pleased to recognize Zama Ncube as a Disney Conservation Hero. Zama has over 10 years of experience tracking and conserving Black Rhinos in South Africa, playing a pivotal role in helping to secure Somkhanda Game Reserve’s rhino population, as well as other populations nationally. He has made huge inroads in community awareness and understanding of conservation issues through his work with youth and local communities. Zama has managed, coordinated and participated in rhino monitoring and achieved a 100% monthly resighting rate for every black and white rhino individual in the Somkhanda Game Reserve as part of WWF-South Africa Black Rhino Range expansion Project. Learn more about Zama Ncube and the Wildlife Act Fund’s work at https://wildlifeact.com/ and about Disney Conservation Fund and how it is helping to save wildlife, inspire action and protect the planet by visiting Disney.com/conservation.



In 2014, Thokozani felt strongly that the community needed to benefit more and more directly from conservation in the area. He helped submit a successful proposal to the U.S. Embassy to build a new mobile clinic point in a remote section of KwaJobe, where people have no access to medical services without walking many miles to catch buses to a distant hospital. He coordinated the participation of the nearest hospital’s mobile clinic program and the proposal received funding form the U.S. government’s PEPFAR program, which helps combat the scourge of HIV-AIDS.


Since that time, Thokozani has been traveling back and forth between the hospital, the construction supply store in the nearest towns and the community to oversee the project and make certain the grant funds are properly spent and accounted for. He has managed to procure transport to bring construction supplies to the site. He far exceeds his travel allowance every month and must dip into his own personal funds to pay his own fares. Never the less, he carries on, because he believes so strongly in helping his community and winning his tribal members over to the idea that saving endangered species is important and that they can benefit from long-term conservation efforts.


Click here to find out how you can support Thokozani's Mkhuze Community Conservation Project and help save endangered species.


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