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Mission Statement


The mission of the Sindisa Fund is to support and conduct activities that contribute to the global conservation of endangered species.




  • Advance the global conservation of wildlife in general, but particularly threatened and endangered species and their habitats.

  • Educate communities that live on the edge of wildlife populations about the importance of endangered species, ecosystems and biodiversity conservation.

  • Facilitate community development that enhances the capacity of communities adjacent to threatened and endangered species populations to support biodiversity conservation.

  • Support and conduct wildlife monitoring that enhances the survival of endangered species populations.

  • Support and conduct scientific research that aids in the understanding and conservation of threatened and endangered species.

  • Raise funds and receive donations for the above endeavors.

  • Support and partner with projects and other organizations for the purpose of fulfilling the above goals.





Latest project

The Sindisa Fund was founded in 2013 and received its US 501(c)3 tax-exempt non-profit status in 2014.




The Sindisa Fund

Global Endangered Species Conservation

PHOTO:  The Sindisa Fund Founder and Director, Bruce Lombardo, assists in the conservation of the black rhino in South Africa.


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